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HEY GUYS!! FGA here! I konw? Me at my own group discussing stuff?? IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!1111!!1!11!1

...anyway, enough with the caps lock. I'm here to talk to you guys about a couple new...."policies" that I want to implement into the group. I discussed it with the admins a bit and I had some time to think it over.

The first of them being is folder organization. Mostly pertaining to the artwork we get. Now I'm not saying get rid of the art, because I allowed it for a reason and people seem to like it. But there was always an issue with making sure it was in the right folder because the featured section is for stories only. NOW! Effective the 8th of November, artwork will be showcased in the featured section for a maximum of 2 weeks. Every other Sunday, all artwork will be moved to the Art folder and out of the gallery. However, if an art piece is submitted on the sunday, it gets into the next rotation of artwork that'll be moved to the art folder. This is so that the main purpose of the group stays within its literature roots and some artwork can get the chance to shine. So all artwork in the folder will be moved out of the featured folder this sunday so make note of that.

Also, and this is just an aside, I hope the other admins can cover for these deadlines if I'm not able to move them in time.

Second thing I'd like to do is increase submission feedback. This is in response to the times where we get multiple submissions of the same pieces we either reject or leave unvoted for too long. What I plan on doing is for every submission that gets rejected, one of us will comment on that submission request, meaning only the submitter can see it, why it was rejected and, if it's their story, how to improve so that the future stories can get accepted. I feel like feedback is a big part of this community and I'd like to give you the feedback you need. And for those accepted, maybe let 'em know the submission went through I suppose. ^^; I mean I'm just assuming that once it's been accepted, everyone sees it in their message box or whatever. :P

SO YES!! These two things are going to start happening effective November 8th. :D I hope you guys like this idea. Please let me know what you think about these ideas. :)
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People you see in the Co-Founders and Contributors place are merely just a ranking system for this group. Anyway hello everybody I'm Kris, also known as girlfartlover and welcome to my group about stories written by the community about the evacuation of gas from a female's body. I hope you enjoy the content that comes here :3


:iconbigger-and-gassier: Bigger-and-Gassier For anyone who likes bigger :icongirl-fart-art: Girl-Fart-Art :iconsmelly-girl-love: smelly-girl-love :icongas-heaven: Gas-Heaven GIVE THEM THE GAS! :icongirlpoop: Girlpoop :iconsunset-city-wd: Sunset-City-WD :iconoratorfreemanclub: OratorFreemanClub Fan-Club For Orator Freeman :iconeightmarbles: eightmarbles Poot ~


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what the hell
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Ummm, Is Kary dead again? :(
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I'll post it anyway when I'm done,'s a shame, she was posting some great stories again, dammit.
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I hope whatever happened to her isn't too bad.
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Hey, I'm new to the scene. You're stories are the best
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