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Wow....I did not expect this at all when trying to look at this group. Many things on deviantART changed. Some for the better others not so much....but whatever. I've had to rearrange a couple of things in the group to try and make it organized. However if any of the other admins want to change the layout a bit or add something be my guest if you can do that (just notify me if you can't). However...I guess that new people won't be commenting anymore....which I guess isn't that big a problem considering that not many people commented anyway...but whatever. If you guys have any problems then ask me or any of the other admins about it. Hopefully I can get things a little more active in terms of user activity than deviation submission.

Have a farTASTIC day! :3

....uh the moment I posted this it changed back to it's original layout...what's going on dA?...*sigh* okay forget half of the things I just stated uptop then...

Okay...some of you might be wondering why even though on a group is named FemaleFartStories, pictures are allowed. Honestly, I more or less felt like some pictures should be recognized but also not take precedence over any and all other stories. However, I should note that EVERY SINGLE PICTURE THAT ISN'T A THUMBNAIL SHOULD BE IN AND WILL ALWAYS GO TO THE GIRL FART ART FOLDER AND BE REMOVED FROM THE FEATURED SECTION!! I figured that just telling people this would work but somehow people do not listen...or just flat out ignore me. Also, the quality of the pictures doesn't really matter in my eyes. I mean it has to be at least semi-decent however I'm not going to allow art that shows how little effort was put into it...Okay I usually don't call out people but I will this once. :iconandymarkus1212: and :icongassyallie: specifically are huge culprits of this. It doesn't matter if you're fake or not, what you're posting on here isn't art, it's just a dumb edit and unless you put some effort into your works then I don't think you should deserve mentions, no matter how much you try to beg to me. :iconbigsighplz: Anyway...I say this because there's been a lot of pictures put on this group and it's always going to the featured section when it shouldn't. The featured section is to, I dunno, FEATURE the deviations that represent the group, or at least to an extent. Pictures don't do that, not unless tied into a story as a thumbnail of sorts. So yeah that's my mini rant on this whole picture thing.

Also.....even though he may not see this, I give a big shout out to :iconfreetothefall:.....for he decided to leave the internet fart community presumably to persue his lover. I don't know if we would even consider each other friends but at least I thought he was super nice like one. Plus there are extremely few people that can top his artwork in the style he has made. He brought something to this community that I hope people can get inspired by and maybe try to make the best work that they can make. Plus as with his leaving he's also getting the boot in the Co-Founder's section of my group but hoenstly I don't think he would :iconobjectionplz: OBJECT! to that. But yeah. I hope for the best dude and maybe, if you do return, you might see that you indeed have brought something special to the community that very few others have accomplished.

That's all my fellow fart fetishists and favoriters. Have a swell day.
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People you see in the Co-Founders and Contributors place are merely just a ranking system for this group. Anyway hello everybody I'm Kris, also known as girlfartlover and welcome to my group about stories written by the community about the evacuation of gas from a female's body. I hope you enjoy the content that comes here :3



:iconbigger-and-gassier: Bigger-and-Gassier For anyone who likes bigger :icongirl-fart-art: Girl-Fart-Art :iconsmelly-girl-love: smelly-girl-love :icongas-heaven: Gas-Heaven GIVE THEM THE GAS! :iconfarting-diaries: Farting-Diaries FaceFarting Stories Group :icongirlpoop: Girlpoop


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Heh, so I guess I never got to thank you for letting me into the group! So...thanks for that! Feels cool to be a part of something!
girlfartlover Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I'm glad to hear :)
gchris5523 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  New member
Alright everyone, I have finished the layout and characters (and their "back stories") for a short series I really want to make, I hope to finish chapter 1 very soon, and I hope you all enjoy it! See ya soon!
gchris5523 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  New member
Hello there everyone! Just call me Gchris, and I want to join this group for a number of reasons- Make new friends, talk about different topics (As well as this one), as well as write a few of my own stories sometime. Anyways, kinda hoping someone will start off a conversation, for now, Hello!
kbd77 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
AmericanWonton Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
Just submitted some fart-er I mean, art guys! lol
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Hey, so thanks again for accepting me as a member and all my stories! Hope to add more to the collection!
Justjoe3 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Thank u 4 accepting me!
girlfartlover Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
No problem.
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I'm writing a new story :D
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